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Indianapolis and Online Learning

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Indianapolis, the Silicon Valley of the Midwest

There’s no denying that over the last few years, Indianapolis has emerged as a tech hub. Indy is competitive when it comes to quality of life, operation costs, and most importantly, talent. With its rapid expansion, Indy has many open tech positions that are waiting to be filled. Eleven Fifty Academy is dedicated to creating a statewide, tech-skilled workforce through its immersion bootcamp training programs, reducing barriers to entry for computer engineering education. As a result, businesses are able to skill-up existing employees and also onboard a highly competent workforce that can help fuel their growth.

Online Campus

Transforming your career is possible for anyone across the nation now that our bootcamps and programs are available online! Eleven Fifty Academy was already exploring the option of having online bootcamps and programs before the pandemic. Once COVID-19 hit, we adapted quickly and all of our courses were made available online in just 72 hours! Eleven Fifty Academy is happy to make our programs available to everyone online and will continue to provide online courses after the pandemic is over.