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8 Years of Impressive Impact

Eleven Fifty Academy, a 501c3 non-profit, has enhanced the lives of thousands of individuals and their families. The magic of Eleven Fifty comes from its unique bootcamp experience culminating in its North Star mission of helping graduates be employed rapidly in high-skill, high-demand jobs.

The Academy isn’t an easy experience. Yet, with its intense bootcamp pace and rigor, the Academy provides a “jump start” into a tech career. With faster grad rates and employ rates, the Academy helps people achieve good outcomes 16x faster, at a mere fraction of the cost of other paths.

The Academy provides its focused skills training at a $100,000 discount to a 4-year degree. And, while college students incur 4 years of student debt (avg $32k), Academy grads gain 3.5+ years of earnings (avg $200,000+) on the job, cementing and growing their skills.

On top of that, 4 years after enrollment, Eleven Fifty Academy grads earn MORE than tech college grads. Many Eleven Fifty grads can then “tack on” a degree if they want one and didn’t already have one.

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Being a non-profit means we can offer lower tuition with better outcomes, yet our funding streams are complex and erratic. To continue delivering our industry-leading results and outcomes, we must fill the financial gap urgently.


Unlike colleges and universities that rely on endowments, foundations, and fundraising campaigns, Eleven Fifty Academy has never relied upon these mechanisms. However, now, we are in a moment of need. Any gifts are tax-deductible for individuals and corporations.


Fortunately, philanthropists and corporations have witnessed the immense benefits of Eleven Fifty Academy for individuals ,families, communities, vulnerable populations, and segments of the population that are under-represented in tech. For this reason, we will receive a full match for your contribution.


We seek qualified volunteers for helpful roles such as mentoring, classroom assistance, data analysis, social media, administrative aid, and phone support. Please email volunteer@elevenfifty.org

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