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Can Coding Bootcamp Get You a Job?

June 27, 2019

Software Developer. App Developer. Software Engineer. If you’ve daydreamed about having one of these job titles, you’re in good company.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 300,000 individuals are employed as computer programmers. The need for coding talent is strong across the globe, and those who land a coveted developer job are making an average of $50,000 - $80,000+, with some easily landing in the 6-figure category.If you’re sold on the possibility of a coding career but lack the skills to do so, you’ve likely considered a coding bootcamp.But one big question might be holding you back: can a coding bootcamp really land you a job?

How Coding Bootcamp Can Get You a Job

Coding bootcamps are designed to help get you the foundation you need to land a tech job without the traditional college route. Some—including Eleven Fifty—work with companies to shape the curriculum and make sure students are getting the most in-demand skill sets.Outside of intense coding classes, many bootcamps also offer career services to help guide participants through the job search process. This can include anything from résumé prep to mock interviews. While the goal is always to get you a job, these services are a tool. Tech is competitive. That means it still takes some hard work on your end to shine as an applicant.

Eleven Fifty’s Career Services

At Eleven Fifty, we’re proud to offer dynamic career services that help students put their best foot forward in the job search. Here’s a peek at a typical career services trajectory:

  • First, we meet one-on-one with students to assess where you are professionally. Our students are diverse, from career changers with decades of employment under their belt to those just starting out in a career. They all have unique needs and challenges, and we assess how to best help you move forward.
  • From there, we help shape your resume and LinkedIn profile. Students get a new professional headshot and we make sure you’re listing the skills and experiences from bootcamp that are most attractive to employers.
  • Time to network! We host meet-ups, workshops, and other opportunities for you to meet members from our strong network of company partners.
  • Last, we help you navigate the interview process. From mock-interviews and tech screens to contract negotiation skills, we have resources to guide you through the entire process.

The tools you need for job search success are readily available, but there’s still a secret ingredient to landing a job… You!Using our career services isn’t an Eleven Fifty bootcamp requirement. We also can’t guarantee you a placement at the end of your time here.However, what we can guarantee is that if you show up, work hard, frequently use career services, and implement the advice you receive, you will be in the best position possible to land a job.Last year’s Eleven Fifty placement rate was 80%, with some students even having an offer before graduation and others having a position within 50 days of bootcamp completion.Want to be part of the success rate? We’d love to talk to you about how Eleven Fifty Academy can elevate your career! Set-up a time to talk to one of our advisors today.

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