IT Training for Veterans

IT Training for Veterans

April 22, 2021

Returning service members looking to join a growing industry have a great opportunity to pursue a career in tech. Information technology (IT) jobs are on the rise, and the industry as a whole is steadily expanding every year. 

Military veterans are great candidates for jobs in tech thanks to their military training. Staying calm under pressure, teamwork, and strong work ethics are highly sought-after skills in today’s tech careers. And it’s easier than ever to get into tech, as many companies recognize that an immersive IT training program for veterans can get candidates job-ready in under a year.

Eleven Fifty Academy has a number of online IT certification training for veterans, from web and software development to cybersecurity bootcamps. 

Will the VA Pay for Certifications?

Many veterans who are transitioning from a military career in active duty (and some military spouses) have eligibility for full tuition assistance through the VA’s GI Bill® program. The GI Bill® benefits not only covers full-time associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, but it also will help veterans train for IT certifications at a vocational or trade school.

To certify for VA education benefits, visit’s GI Bill® Comparison Tool to determine your eligibility based on your time in service. Then, apply for the benefits on the VA’s website to access funding to pay for your IT training. 

Keep in mind that once you receive the GI Bill®, the Department of Veterans Affairs will want to ensure you’re actually attending classes. If you fail a class because you stopped attending lectures, you may have to pay back the money you received through the benefit. 

If you’re falling behind in your coursework and are worried about potentially failing a class, it’s best to speak to your professor, a guidance counselor, and a VA certifying official to find ways to turn things around. The VA provides tutors for students who need additional assistance, which is a far better option than owing the VA thousands of dollars.

Once you’ve completed your studies and it’s time to get certified, the VA will help cover many certification fees. When it comes time to take your certification exam for the CompTIA or the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), the GI Bill® will cover $2,000 for exam fees. 

What Is the VET TEC VA Program?

The VA has created a new five-year pilot program—the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC)—to help veterans acquire skills to quickly enter the job market. Through the program, the VA enters into agreements with organizations that can provide training and job placements. 

These training partners will receive funding incrementally based on the progress and success of their students. VET TEC providers must also show the student has found employment after graduation, which must also be documented so final tuition and fees can be reimbursed.

Where Can I Find Free Training and Education Resources for Veterans?

Deciding on a new career path is a weighty decision, and Eleven Fifty Academy strives to make it easy for veterans to consider their options through free online courses that help prospective students make a choice. 

Eleven Fifty has free intro courses to help veterans learn about the IT certification courses available to returning service members. The free intro classes on cybersecurity training and computer programming will help you understand how the programs work and how to apply for one of the bootcamps. 

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