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80% of US tech managers have hired graduates from coding boot camps. 99.8% say they would hire such candidates again. What’s more, 72% of those managers think that coding boot camp graduates are just as prepared and just as likely to perform at a high level as computer science grads.  

Around 40 million technical jobs go unfulfilled due to a lack of skilled talent. This number is expected to rise to 85.2 million by 2030.

Tech unemployment rates are at a near-record low 1.3% with over 431,000 jobs added in March.

Almost 50% of recruiters say that the #1 challenge they face is finding technical talent.

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Why hire EFA graduates?  

  • At Eleven Fifty, we train to the career, not only the test.

  • Immersive, team learning environment mirrors the workplace experience.

  • Inclusive Hiring Solutions – We do not screen for degrees. We screen for potential. Our talent pool is comprised of adults from 18 to 70, from all walks of life, with a focus on underrepresented, and underserved populations.

  • Talent Ready in no more than 6 months

  • Better Retention Rate – Our graduates work where they live. Unlike traditional college graduates, our students are often settled in their lives, simply looking for a career change.

  • Industry Recognized Certifications – Our training is built for and delivered by experts teaching the most up to date skills and languages. As a Pearson Vue testing facility, graduates leave with certifications in hand.

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