AI Marketing Specialist Certificate Program

AI Marketing Specialist Certificate Program – $2,499, 24 hours

Course Overview

This interactive certification course will help you learn how AI-powered applications can enhance your marketing strategy, improve the customer journey, improve organizational marketing tactics, and extend the customer lifecycle.

This course will be review, discuss, and practice the following topics utilizing real-world job scenarios:

Introduction to AI and Marketing

  • Understanding artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in marketing
  • AI's impact on customer behavior and marketing strategies
  • Overview of machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision in marketing

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Importance and challenges of data-driven marketing
  • Collecting and preprocessing marketing data
  • Introduction to data analysis tools and techniques

Customer Segmentation and Targeting

  • Leveraging AI for customer segmentation
  • Personalization strategies using AI
  • Targeted advertising and recommendations

AI in Content Marketing

  • Content generation using AI-powered tools
  • Content optimization through AI analysis
  • Creating engaging content with AI-driven insights

Sentiment Analysis and Social Media Marketing

  • Analyzing customer sentiment using natural language processing
  • AI-powered social media monitoring and engagement
  • Integrating AI in social media marketing campaigns

Predictive Analytics for Marketing

  • Predictive modeling for customer behavior and trends
  • AI-based sales forecasting and inventory management
  • Implementing predictive analytics in marketing strategies

Chatbots and Customer Service

  • Understanding chatbots and their role in customer service
  • Designing and deploying AI-driven chatbots
  • Measuring the effectiveness of AI-powered customer service solutions

Marketing Automation with AI

  • Automating marketing processes using AI
  • AI-powered email marketing and lead nurturing
  • Evaluating the efficiency and ROI of marketing automation

AI and the Future of Marketing

  • Emerging trends and innovations in AI for marketing
  • Potential impact of AI on the marketing industry
  • Preparing for a career in AI-driven marketing

Who Is This Program For?

This program is intended for business professionals, marketers, C-suite, and business owners, who want to understand how they can make their organizational marketing functions AI-ready. The AI Marketing Specialist Certificate Program caters to a variety of industries and backgrounds. This program is ideal for technology-oriented business professionals, business owners, innovators, or anyone seeking a competitive edge in emerging business technologies and marketing.


Learners earn an Eleven Fifty Academy certificate upon successful completion of the online program.

Note: After successful completion, a verified digital certificate will be emailed to you with the name used when registering for the program. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Eleven Fifty Academy.


Five (5) weeks, four (4) hours per week

The Learning Experience

The program will be available in both face-to-face and live, online formats. The program includes the use of various tools in addition to its core curriculum to provide you a superior learning experience. The program is designed to be interactive and participants will learn through a variety of project-based activities. Course assessments will be in the form of learning activities that are specific to a participant’s individual work situation.  

AI Marketing Specialist Certification Registration - $2,499

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