Free Intro to Cybersecurity

1.5 hours to change your life.

Learn how you can kick off a new career in the high-paying, high-demand field of cybersecurity.

High Demand. High Salary Potential.

There are over 500,000 open cybersecurity positions in the U.S

The national average salary for cybersecurity professionals is $113,000! Entry level cybersecurity careers average $55,000, with nowhere to go but up.

Our top earning cybersecurity graduate was hired in at $140,000!

He did not have a college degree and came from a tech adjacent job.  He took our part-time classes over 6-months, all while keeping his day job. From enrollment to hired took less than a year! Where could you be a year from now?

Live Discovery | Intro to Cyber | 1.5-Hours

This discovery workshop is designed for all people who have an interest in the field of cybersecurity.  We will introduce you to the basics of cybersecurity, from what it is, why it is needed. Will share what skills you will learn, industry certifications you will earn and how these will be applied in a new career in cybersecurity.

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Meet your instructor and potential future classmates.

By attending, you’ll:

  • Get a closer look at how everything we touch daily is impacted by cybersecurity professionals.
  • Learn how our unique training tools give you a competitive edge when applying for a new career.
  • Cover key cybersecurity terms and principles
  • Develop a understanding of whether cybersecurity is right for you.

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What You’ll Need

This course is online, so you’ll need a computer and internet connection to attend this workshop. This class is for those curious about cybersecurity as a future career in information technology. We’ll discuss the demand for more cybersecurity professionals today, what a career in cybersecurity could look like for you, and provide a brief overview of our course curriculum. We’ll show you our unique training program on a world-class cyber range, which simulates real-world cyber attacks. Lastly, we’ll talk about two industry certifications students can earn in both our full-time and part-time cybersecurity bootcamps.

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