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Java 301

Learn Design Principles and Spring Framework

About Java 301

In our Java 301 course, you’ll build on the knowledge and skills you developed in Java 201. This course gives you the practical experience you need to code in Java. Covering everything from web app design principles to using the Spring Framework, during this Java course, you’ll develop your own web app.

What you can do with coding in Java…

Design Games
Network Applications
Build websites
Mobile Apps

Course Details


With this 5-day Java course, you can expect to be working with Java and the Spring Framework at a more advanced level. You’ll be creating and working with APIs and JDBC. Instructors will also guide you through maintaining Java web applications and the principles behind designing a web app.

  • What you'll learn during this Java course.

    By taking this course, you’ll learn:

    • Model View Controller (MVC)
    • Spring Framework
    • Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control
    • Basics of Web Programming, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Thyme Leaf
    • SEO and UI/UX for Websites
    • Hibernate and JavaPersistence API
    • Web Page Performance
    • Spring Security
    • Spring Actuator
    • Restful API Creation
    • Object-Oriented Design Patters
    • Real World Application Development
    • Web Application Architecture

  • Requirements

    Skills: Understanding of Java syntax, a working knowledge of object-oriented principles, and completion of our Java 201 course.


    If you have a Windows laptop, here is what you will need to be successful:

    • At least 4 gigs of RAM
    • At least 250 gig of hard drive space
    • Intel i5 or greater/ AMD a10-7800 or greater
    • Windows Version 10 or newer
    • You will also want to clean-off unneeded files and defragment your hard drives before class to maximize your laptop performance during class.

    If you have a Mac computer, here is what you will need to be successful:

    • 2011 MacBooks or newer
    • At least 80 gig hard drive of space
    • Latest MacOSx
    • You will also want to clean-off unneeded files before class to maximize your laptop performance during class.

    Software: Java SDK

“This bootcamp has been extremely helpful in my career change. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with the students. The facilities were incredible and all of our needs were taken care of, allowing us to concentrate fully on learning.”

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