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JavaScript 201

Assembling And Building With JavaScript

About JavaScript 201

Through this JavaScript course, you’ll dive even deeper into the functions and capabilities of the JavaScript language. Designed for those with HTML and CSS experience as well as an understanding of JavaScript, students build their own custom applications.

What you can do with coding…

Build websites
Mobile Apps

Course Details


During this 5-day JavaScript course, you’ll continue on your immersive coding experience. Students in the JavaScript 201 course are expected to build a webserver using Node.js; a workout journal using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; and a REST API using Node.js and ExpressJS.

  • What you'll learn

    By taking this JavaScript Course, you’ll learn to:

    • Assemble JavaScript functions and objects
    • Recognize the difference between function expressions and declarations
    • Explore the “this” object and how to change context
    • Assemble constructors and prototypes to better understand JavaScript Inheritance
    • Build basic module patterns and utilize closures
    • Manipulate the document object model (DOM) using vanilla JavaScript and JQuerry
    • Survey Various debugging techniques for both desktop and mobile.
    • Examine JavaScript tooling for building and packaging applications
    • Understand the basics of Node.js

  • Requirements

    Skills: You’ll need to be comfortable with programming concepts such as variables, control structures, functions, and loops. Because coding in this course will be done in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, you’ll want to be familiar with these technologies as well.


    If you have a Windows laptop, here is what you will need to be successful:

    • At least 4 gigs of RAM
    • At least 250 gig of hard drive space
    • Intel i5 or greater/ AMD a10-7800 or greater
    • Windows Version 10 or newer
    • You will also want to clean-off unneeded files and defragment your hard drives before class to maximize your laptop performance during class.

    If you have a Mac computer, here is what you will need to be successful:

    • 2011 MacBooks or newer
    • At least 80 gig hard drive of space
    • Latest MacOSx
    • You will also want to clean-off unneeded files before class to maximize your laptop performance during class.

    Software: You’ll need a modern web browser (Firefox or Chrome are highly recommended), a code-friendly text editor (Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, or Notepage++), JS installed (the latest LTS from, an SSH key, Git, a Github/Bitbucket account, and a local PostgreSQL database setup that will be configured in class (

“The instructor was friendly and very well versed in the area of instruction. As a matter of fact he is most likely one of the most high functioning programmers in his field.”
| DAN R.

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