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Microsoft .NET 151

Start Your Path To Being A .NET Coder

About Microsoft .NET 151

In this Microsoft .NET course, you’ll start your journey to mastering one of the most popular and in-demand coding languages. Designed for beginners or those with very little experience with C# and Visual Studio. Student will learn the fundaments of making rich applications.

What you can do with coding…

Network Applications
Build websites
Data Connections

Course Details


During this 3-day Microsoft .NET course, you’ll start to learn the basics of the .NET Framework, through hands-on experiences with C# and Visual Studio. The class focuses on giving you a solid foundation to build on in our more advanced Microsoft .NET courses.

  • What you'll learn in this Microsoft .NET course:

    By taking this course, you’ll learn to:

    • Write and implement basic C# functions
    • Identify and use primitive C# data types, collections and operators, including strings, integers, booleans, chars, and doubles
    • Develop conditional statements using Boolean logic in a Razor web application
    • Identify and write basic loops and arrays
    • Define methods, fields, and properties in a class
    • Utilize base getter and setter and create custom getters and setters with exception handling
    • Create and override methods
    • Implement constructors
    • Manage overloading
    • Access modifiers
    • Use Enums and Structs
    • Define basic principles of Object Oriented Programming (OPP)
    • Understand Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Inheritance
    • Debug errors in code through referencing online help sites, such as Stack Overflow
    • Use online resources for continuous learning and improving skills.

  • Requirements

    Skills: An understanding of basic computer science concepts, such as loops, functions, and arrays. If you’re a coding beginner, we recommend you take the Intro to Coding course before this course.


    If you have a Windows laptop, here is what you will need to be successful:

    • At least 4 gigs of RAM
    • At least 250 gig of hard drive space
    • Intel i5 or greater/ AMD a10-7800 or greater
    • Windows Version 10 or newer
    • You will also want to clean-off unneeded files and defragment your hard drives before class to maximize your laptop performance during class.

    If you have a Mac computer, here is what you will need to be successful:

    • 2011 MacBooks or newer
    • At least 80 gig hard drive of space
    • Latest MacOSx
    • You will also want to clean-off unneeded files before class to maximize your laptop performance during class.

    Software: Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition and a modern web browser such as Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

“The instructor conveyed the material very well. He did a good job bringing complex topics into terms anyone could understand. Everyone at Eleven Fifty was very warm and friendly to all of those who attending. This made everyone feel welcome I truly believe everyone enjoyed their experience.”

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