Secure Networking Immersion

We have a passion for filling the gap in tech talent and cybersecurity is no exception.

Eleven Fifty Academy is rolling out the immersive secure networking bootcamp to combat the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Our expert-designed curriculum includes training and obtaining industry-recognized certifications that are meant to set the foundation for an IT and cybersecurity professional career. In addition, your course work includes training on a world-class cyber range which mimics real-life cyber attacks. By the end of the course, you will be trained to conduct, monitor, stop, and prevent these attacks.

Upcoming Courses Dates:
Secure Networking: Part-Time | 8/8/22-1/7/23 | Online
Secure Networking: Part-Time | 9/12/22-2/4/23 | Online
Secure Networking: Full-Time | 10/10/22-12/16/22 | Online
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Software Development Badge
Expanding your knowledge

Blue BADGE: Acceleration

During Blue Badge, you’ll be expanding your network knowledge. This includes working toward your CompTIA Network+ certification. Getting this foundation will prepare you to move into more advanced and hands on experiences.

CompTIA Network+
Introduction To Leading Industry Tools
Foundational Knowledge
Expanding your Knowledge

Blue Badge: Acceleration

During Blue Badge, you will dive deep into your language. Projects and labs are designed to give you even more coding experience as you design web applications. During this phase, we also encourage peer/pair programming, so students can work with each other to build out their solutions.

EFA Software Development Blue Badge
Applied Language Skills
Web Applications
User Experience
Career Prep
Software Development Badge
Polishing Your skills


During Red Badge, you will begin to dive deeper into the technical side of cybersecurity. During this phase, you will also begin working toward your CompTIA Security+ certification. Upon completion, time in the cyber range is allowed and will give you hands-on experience with tools to prevent, monitor, and stop real cyber attacks.

CompTIA Security+
Develop and Understand Incident Response Behaviors
Career Prep
Interview Skills
Polishing your Skills

Red Badge: Transition

During the final phase, you'll spend time working within teams to complete your projects. We'll also cover some crucial information you need to know about as a professional software developer and help you finalize your portfolio.

EFA Software Development Red Badge
Language Projects
Team Coding Work
Final Presentation

Our Expert-Designed Curriculum Includes:

Obtaining industry-leading certifications to lay the foundation of a professional cybersecurity career
Understanding industry terms and best practices essential to cybersecurity
Exposure to common threat behaviors and attack vectors
Familiarity in an enterprise SOC environment
Career development skills that will allow students the ability for tremendous growth in cybersecurity
Expert designed cyber range that allows instructors to put students through real-life rigorous cyber attacks
A student working on secure networking on a computer.

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We have partnered with top student loan providers, including Skillsfund, Meritize, and Climb. These providers specialize in helping close the skills gap and offer fixed-rate loan options.

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