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WordPress Designer 201

Customize and Enhance A WordPress Website 


About WordPress 201

WordPress 201 is for those looking to expand their WordPress skills beyond simple website creation. In this immersive WordPress design course, you’ll  learn to fine-tune your website through CSS, HTML, and PHP. You’ll also start to develop a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so you can drive traffic to your beautiful website.

What you can do with WordPress…

Build websites
Data Connections

Course Details


During this seven and a half day WordPress Developer course, website designers with a basic understanding of WordPress will take their skills to a whole new level. You’ll pull back the hood and dig into the code as you take a basic website and transform it into a powerful online tool.

  • What you'll learn

    By taking this WordPress Designer Course, you’ll learn to:

    • Compare the environments that can be used to develop and host WordPress
    • Locate, identify and use important WordPress development tools
    • Extend CSS skills to change the look and feel of your WordPress site
    • Compile JavaScript and CSS using NPM tools.
    • Alter your website through the code using PHP
    • Create child WordPress themes
    • Build and modify WordPress themes
    • Create custom WordPress pages and posts
    • Create and develop relationships between WordPress pages
    • Develop custom queries to add data to WordPress pages
    • Insert a Google map into a page
    • Optimize a WordPress sight for search engine ranking
    • Create XML site maps for search engine optimization
    • Implement and configure the Yoast plugin for search engine optimization
    • Use search engine optimization (SEO) tools

  • Requirements

    Skills: To be successful in this course, you’ll need the following skills and experience:

    • Able to create basic WordPress sites
    • Know how to include HTML to create a static website
    • Be able to use simple style sheets (CSS) to alter a site’s look and feel
    • Can use <DIV> tag attributes such as borders, margins, and padding to arrange content

    PHP and/or JavaScript coding experience is beneficial, but not required. If you aren’t sure you have the right experience, we highly recommend taking our 2.5 day WordPress Editor course.

    Hardware: Students are required to bring their own Mac OS or Windows laptop with the latest operating system installed.


    • Latest version of Google Chrome
    • Adobe Brackets code editor
    • MAMP integrated environment with WordPress and MySQL
    • An FTP client Application

    All required software installs with detailed instruction will be provided two weeks before class start date.

“The instructor was friendly and very well versed in the area of instruction. As a matter of fact he is most likely one of the most high functioning programmers in his field.”
| DAN R.

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