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Do you have the characteristics of a coder?

Contrary to popular belief, coders aren’t all introverts working in a dark back room. In fact, coders are often the first line of communication some clients have with a company. Coders are entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and a whole lot more. When it comes to characteristics of a coder, it isn’t just about crunching numbers and stringing lines of code together. It takes logic, ingenuity, and a creative aptitude. If you’re thinking about becoming a coder, check out our infographic below to see what characteristics of a coder you have!


How many characteristics of a coder do you have? If you’re interested in learning more about coding, we recommend checking out our Intro to the Coding World download. Inside this free download, you’ll learn more about what coders do and how Eleven Fifty can help prepare you for a new career.

If you want to talk about recoding your future and exploring coding as a future career, our Admissions Team would love to talk to you. Contact us to get started!

Want to share this infographic? No problem! Here’s a downloadable PDF version that you can send to your friends and family.

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