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Transforming the way students develop the skills of the future.

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we’re on a mission to deliver the most relevant, in-demand skills training to those with a passion for technology. With your support, we can change their lives. 

Eleven Fifty exists for people, not profit.

We’re working to develop the technology talent businesses across the country need. By 2020, there will be over 1 million computing jobs open and only 400,000 computer science students. Traditional options simply can’t keep up with the pace of technology change. We need an alternative to match today’s growing demands.

Together, with the help from corporate sponsorship, Eleven Fifty provides students with a quicker path to purpose and connects employers to a growing tech talent pool.

With your corporate sponsonship, Eleven Fifty Academy can work to close the tech skills gap.

This Is How We’re Closing The Technology Skills Gap

Eleven Fifty academy is working with corporate sponsors to make a difference.

Eleven Fifty stretches beyond the walls of our classrooms to inspire and assess students. We’re on a mission to close the growing technology skills gap in every community.

With your non profit sponsorship, Eleven Fifty is building a better learning environment.

With the guidance of our Employer Advisory Board, we’ve crafted a curriculum that is based on the current market trends. Our courses are designed to give students hands-on, immersive experiences.

Through corporate givebacks, Eleven Fifty is launching new curriculum to teach tomorrow's coders.

By helping students gain the hands-on experience they need through our immersive courses, we’re giving them the hard and soft skills they need to become successful coders. 

Through our Employer Advisory Board, Eleven Fifty is maintaining high educational standards.

By continuing to update our crafted curriculum to meet market needs, we are able to work towards our mission of closing the nation’s growing technology skills gap. 

And So Far, The Results Have Been Staggering

Through our outreach programs, Eleven Fifty has inspired over 24,000 students of various backgrounds, ages, and skill sets in over 25 Indiana communities.

Because of our crafted curriculum, we’ve seen over 100 students graduate from our programs with new skills, strengths, and the power to recode their future. 

Eleven Fifty graduates see a boost to their annual income.

Through our career placement team, our graduates experience an 84% job placement record, while the average Eleven Fifty graduate sees a salary increase of $34,720. 

We've impacted 1,200 coding students.

Our skill up courses have helped 1,200 students while the SmartStart program helps prepare students through real-world coding experiences, internships, and apprenticeships.


Together with our partners, we’re already making an impact.

Allegient Sponsor Eleven Fifty Coding Academy

But, we’re not finished. We need your help.

We’ve inspired thousands of students, given back to the community, launched support programs, and assessed over 2,000 individuals. But, we’re not finished. We need your help to make an even bigger impact.

As a coding bootcamp, Eleven Fifty uses corporate sponsorship to help students on their path to a new coding career.

How Your Corporate Sponsorship Can Help Make An Impact

Are you ready to join us in closing the technology skills gap?

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