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Eleven Fifty Academy Now Accepting

GI Bill ® funding

Your GI Bill® benefits will go further with Eleven Fifty Academy’s 12 Week Coding Bootcamps

The world needs more coders and the opportunities in Indiana are endless.
Most jobs in and out of the technology industry need employees with coding
skills. By learning the skills to fill these positions, you can set your sights on
better-paying jobs with more room to advance.

”My advice to a future student is that if you’re on the fence about a coding bootcamp, definitely do it. Everyone here wants you to succeed. You’ll only fail if you don’t put in the work.”
”My favorite part of the Eleven Fifty journey is the atmosphere the staff brings to the academy.”
”One of my favorite experiences was working with the instructors in meetings. The entire class went student to student to solve bugs and other issues.”

”At Eleven Fifty Academy, you’re not only taught the fundamentals, but also given the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to excel within the program AND in the workforce.”
Alexis Colbert
Kyle Beavin
Erin Henderson
Madyson Ward

Who qualifies for GI Bill ® Funding at Eleven Fifty Academy?

Members from all branches of the military who meet the GI Bill ® requirements are eligible.

What is covered under the GI Bill®?

The following eligibility information is accurate as of 5/10/18. Please visit for up-to-date information.

$13,500 for Tuition
$1,427 for Housing
$1,000 for Books

What is the process for using the funds?

Complete the application and be sure
to select the branch of the military you served. A member of the Eleven
Fifty admissions team will reach out to you if accepted.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

GI Bill Accepted Coding Bootcamps at Eleven Fifty Academy

Immerse yourself in a 12-week coding bootcamp to give you the SmartStart you need to launch or enhance your career. Our hands-on bootcamps teach top skills employers are looking for by faculty with industry experience. Knowledge is power, but skills pay the bills.

JavaScript Bootcamp

Learn to build websites and web apps with JavaScript. This program is an immersive, code-in-the-know style experience that gets you career ready in 12 weeks. GI Bill Funds cover the full cost of this program for eligible veterans.

Download the course overview

Microsoft .NET Bootcamp

Master one of the most in-demand coding languages that powers almost everything online and on your desktop. GI Bill Funds cover the full cost of this program for eligible veterans.

Download the course overview

Why Veterans Become Coders

Entering back into the civilian workforce after being in the military takes some adjustment. Depending on how long you served, where you served, and what your specialized training was in, you might find the perfect career path elusive. Going to college is an option, but it’ll take 2-4 years to complete your degree and then you still have to look for a career. Another viable and successful path for veterans to choose is a coding bootcamp where they can use their military training to become coders.

• The Bootcamp Style of Learning
• Using Your Teamwork Skills
• Being a Self Starter

Ready to learn to code?

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