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Learn Python

Build web applications, connect them to servers, and get acquainted with machine learning.


As one of the fastest growing languages in coding, Python is versatile, user-friendly, and useful in just about any career. In this course, you will learn how to use Python for projects large and small and will gain the knowledge you need to start your career as a coder.

Industry Leading Companies Using Python

Why learn Python?

These courses are designed for entrepreneurs, administrative staff, graphic designers, developersbusiness owners, and anyone interested in learning about Python. Great for beginners with no experience in coding and for those familiar with other languages, Python is highly in-demand and versatile across tasks and applications. Its simple and flexible syntax combined with its massive capabilities and extensive library of support makes it a powerful and accessible language.


What You’ll Do In These Courses

• Leverage existing Python libraries

• Create libraries and packages

• Use data structures

• Build web application architecture

• Handle Python errors

• Use JSON with web applications

• Object-relational mapping

• Deploy web applications

Job Growth for Top Coding Languages


Coding Skills5

Salary Range

$43K – $135K

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