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Redefining Career Readiness

Eleven Fifty Academy isn’t like other education options. When you enroll in our immersive, 12-week SmartStart program, you’ll graduate as a career-ready coder. We’ll help you develop the hard skills employers are looking for and the soft skills that will set you apart from other candidates. By breaking down the program into three phases, you’ll be able to focus on set goals and outcomes that will prepare you for the real world.

Want to learn the coding basics?



Mastering the Basics


During the first three weeks of your SmarStart program, you’ll focus on the basics of your language. Getting this foundation will prepare you to move into more advanced courses and technologies. We’ll also help you develop a portfolio and learn about life as a coder

Areas of Focus
Coding Fundamentals
Language Basics
Portfolio Building


Gaining the Knowledge


In weeks 4-8, you’ll move beyond the basics of coding and dive deeper into your language. Lab courses are designed to give you even more coding experience as you design applications and work in teams to complete projects.

Areas of Focus
Advanced Language
User Experience
Career Prep


Polishing Your Skills

WEEKS 9–12

In the last phase of the SmartStart program, you’ll spend the majority of the time working on projects alone and with teams. We’ll also cover some crucial information you need to know about as a professional coder and help you finalize your portfolio.

Areas of Focus
Language Projects
Coding Security
Final Presentation

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