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Coding Student Stories

Eleven Fifty coding students come from a diverse background, bring all skill levels to the classroom, and are comprised of all ages. It’s our mission to help a coding student prepare for a career in coding. Through our SmartStart programs, a coding student gains the necessary skills they need to become coders. But, we go one step further through our career readiness skill up courses coding students learn to work with teams, develop portfolios, deploy applications, and even learn about intellectual property rights. We believe that a polished coding student offers more than just coding skills to their future employer. They offer versatile skills that employers need to grow their companies, improve their operations, and develop robust service offerings.

The stories below come from real coding students looking to launch their careers in software development. Some of them are former stay at home moms. Others are looking to move from the factory floor. Each story, though, is unique to the individual. Browse the stories. Connect with the coders. Discover how you could change your life.

Are you ready to discover how coding can change your life? Contact Eleven Fifty Academy to begin your journey to become a coder.

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