Laura Parker

Career Services Compliance Manager
Describe your role.

As Career Services Compliance Manager, I have the privilege of providing assistance to all students and alumni by assisting them in getting placed into a job after graduation. I conduct career readiness workshops to provide students with resume building, LinkedIn building, job expectations, and professionalism to prepare them for the career searching process. I work closely with our Career Services team in communication and collaboration in order to share a common goal of assisting students and alumni.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy learning about each student’s career goals and interests as I assist them in landing a job that intrigues them! I enjoy encouraging students to get involved with Career Services, so we can assist them in becoming one of the best potential candidates as they begin the career searching process!

Why do you love the tech industry?

There is so much I love about the tech industry! I graduated from the software development program here at Eleven Fifty Academy. I saw first hand the creativity that went into every project built by the students and instructors. I love that technology provides its users with different ways to communicate and access information, while maximizing productivity when completing different tasks.

A little more about you…

A great passion of mine are shanties and boating. I would love to retire to a life as a sailor, preferably on a boat of my own.