Atlas Mentorship Programs

Post-grad learning opportunities via professional mentorship

Support at Every Step of Your Career Journey

We believe that learning and career growth does not stop at graduation or initial placement. We also believe that the true secret to a successful career in tech is attained with well-practiced technical skills, strong essential skills, agile mindset, and professional networking. Therefore, we created Atlas: a community of learning and mentorship geared to helping our graduates refine the skills they need to get the jobs they want, regardless of where they are in their career journey.

What We Offer

Weekly opportunities that are geared toward growing individual technical skills, agile mindset, essential skills, and a solid community of technical professionals that look to grow together and learn from each other
Learning hours and engagement events crafted and directed by a professional coach
Ensemble-style coding practice using unit testing, led by a professional technical coach
No minimum time commitment required
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What You Gain

Confidence in answering common interview questions
Cultivation and expansion of essential and technical skills
Proficiency with everyday dynamic communication and collaboration tools
Opportunities to self-organize project groups for collaborative practice
We want you to grow at a pace that meets the demands of your life
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Who Is Eligible To Be Part of Atlas?

Anyone who has previously completed an Eleven Fifty Academy immersion bootcamp or is nearing graduation is eligible to participate in the Atlas program.
Any professional in the tech community looking to coach, volunteer, or improve their facilitation and project management skills can apply to become a mentor.
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