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5 Reasons To Learn JavaScript

November 23, 2020

JavaScript. If you’ve explored the idea of learning to code or have dreamed of learning to code, then you’ve probably heard of JavaScript. What is it? What is it good for? And, who uses it? The short answer is that JavaScript is a programming language found in a wide variety of applications and is used by developers all around the world to create user experiences. But when it comes to web development jobs, the short answer is rarely the most accurate.In actuality, JavaScript is the most dynamic scripting language used for creating websites. Along with CSS and HTML, it’s one of the three layers of foundational web development; but unlike its fellow tranches, JavaScript is far more advanced. If HTML is a web page’s organization, and CSS is its style, then JavaScript is the site’s spirit and panache. Whether it’s video players, animations, or interactive forms, web developers need to get comfortable with JavaScript in order to create intriguing sites with engaging elements.Still not convinced this is how to become a web developer? Check out these 5 reasons you should learn the features of JavaScript:

JavaScript is becoming part of everything.

Yes, we mean everything. Coders are already changing the future. They’re the ones behind every piece of technology innovation. And their frequent tool of choice? JavaScript. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about mobile apps or big data, JavaScript plays a hand in all of it. One of the biggest payoffs from knowing such a powerful programming language? The opportunities are endless not only in what you can create, but the potential careers you unlock by learning JavaScript.But why is this the case? The answer lies in the classifications of the language. You see, in JavaScript, everything is considered an “object.” Strings, images, numbers, video files; all of these are considered objects, meaning that they can have properties assigned in their coded definition. That leads to greater functionality on a website. Suddenly, these concrete or static assets that would normally just be displayed or nestled into the code actually come alive for you and your users.

JavaScript is a gateway programming language.

When you learn JavaScript, you’re learning more than just a programming language. You’re learning a powerful language that’s used every day by novice coders and experts to create some incredible stuff. And, there’s a good reason they all started their development career with JavaScript. For coders, when you learn JavaScript, you learn the foundational understanding needed to explore other languages. As you learn other languages like Microsoft .NET or even Java, you can create new technology, innovate at a larger scale, and work a wide variety of projects.Many of the trends in web development of the future depend on JavaScript. That means for those interested in things like mobile development, game development, or web application development, JavaScript is the ultimate and most sought-after scripting language. Why? Because of the almost unlimited potential that such a language can unlock.

JavaScript allows you to code incredible user experiences.

We’re talking mobile, web, IoT devices, and anything else you can think of that end users are interacting with. Have you ever wondered how certain websites are interactive? How mobile games know which option you choose? How your home thermostat knows you adjusted the temperature? Well, there’s a good chance that a JavaScript developer is behind all of it. When you learn JavaScript, you learn the tools you need to create interactive user experiences that respond to the motion of a mouse, the movement of your eyes, or a click on your smartphone.Here are a few of the features that JavaScript can add to user experiences in web design:

  • Show more information by hovering over an item with the mouse
  • Zoom in and out on an image or infographic
  • Stream audio and video
  • Play and show animations
  • Adding in mobile app ability
  • Create interactive games
  • Develop server applications like APIs that give more power to the page

JavaScript gives developers versatility.

Contrary to what some might believe about JavaScript, it’s not just a frontend language. In fact, when you learn JavaScript, you have the ability to transition from frontend to backend development pretty seamlessly. JavaScript is known as having an event-driven architecture, which allows for incredible scalability and performance. Being able to code in a frontend and backend environment gives you more versatility as a coder, which means more innovation, more creativity, and fewer restrictions.Full-stack development is a huge leg up when it comes to getting hired. 38% of hiring companies said these roles were the number one open position they needed to fill in 2020. While JavaScript is not the only skill needed to become a Full-stack developer, the versatility provided is hard to beat. Full-stack development requires staying at the forefront of web development languages, as 45% of Fullstack developers said they had to learn JavaScript or another new language in 2020.

JavaScript is in demand.

According to new reports from DevTester, JavaScript is ranked the number one IT skill by hiring companies. This is for a few reasons, not the least of which is that JavaScript is what helps developers to achieve the goal of being a Full-stack developer. When this scripting language is used on the back-end, web developers can then harness the power of their code and connect it to the front-end, leading to beautiful sites that are both powerful and interactive.If learning to code or becoming a developer is a dream for you, then learning JavaScript is a great place to start. Since the language is so widely used all over the world for so many different applications, there are plenty of job opportunities for you. Positions from web developer to systems analyst benefit, thrive, and grow from knowing JavaScript.

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