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We believe finances should not get in the way of your potential.

Eleven Fifty Academy believes anyone ready to change their life, should be able to. Our team has worked tirelessly to help reduce the financial barriers to success. We understand investing in your education is a big step! We offer a range of financing options to meet you where you are. Our admissions advisors will help you find the lowest cost option to fit your life.

Financing At-A-Glance


Progressive Income Share Agreement (PISA)

Learn now, pay later.

How it works: Defer tuition payment and repay once you land a job earning at least $42,500. Unlike other Income Share Agreements (ISA) that charge up to 2x+ what you borrow, repay only what you borrow. PISAs are sponsored by charitable foundations, businesses, government, private donors and others. They are designed to help today and tomorrow. Graduates pay-it-forward when they succeed. Repayment replenishes the fund to help the next generation of the tech workforce.

Best if you want to: Reduce upfront costs and defer payments until after you are hired.

Repayment: 5%-monthly net income once making $42,500/year. 0%-interest. Repayment helps fund future student tuition.

Availability: Various programs available. Eligibility based on demographic, military status, and residential zip code.

Requirements: Indiana resident, minimum GED or high school diploma, 3 references, background check.

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Employer Sponsored

Have your boss pay.

How it works: Does your company have a dedicated budget for professional development or a tuition reimbursement program? If so, consider applying those benefits to reskill or skill up for the next step in your career.

Best if you want to: Receive partial or full reimbursement from your employer for job-relevant skills or take advantage of tuition payment incentives.

Availability: Eligible for all programs.

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Education loans from industry-leading lenders.

How it works: We have partnered with top loan providers in the industry to help secure educations loans at an affordable rate.

Best if you want to: Make smaller monthly payments.

Repayment: Varies by lender.

Availability: Varies. Apply to Climb. This provider specializes in helping close the tech skills gap and offers a variety of types of loans. Examples, fixed-rate, 0%-interest, variable, interest-only, deferred, Cost of Living loan* options (for full-time students only*).

Requirements: US citizen or permanent resident or US citizen co-signer.

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Full Tuition Payment

Pay now, pay less.

How it works: Covering your education upfront is a big investment that pays off. We offer students a 10% discount when paying tuition upfront for any program.

Best if you want to: Use savings and minimize overall tuition.

Availability: Eligible for all programs.

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Workforce Ready Grant (WRG)

Helping Hoosiers get employed in high demand fields.

How it works: Indiana residents may qualify for up to $5,000 towards software development or cybersecurity courses. Visit to apply.

Best if you want to: Take advantage of up to $5,000 in grant from the State of Indiana to apply towards your new career in tech.

Eligibility: Must be an Indiana resident and U.S. citizen (or eligible non-citizen, see for details). Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) but less than a college degree. Be eligible for state financial aid. See for all terms and conditions.

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Installment Plans

Pay as you learn.

How it works: We customize installment plans on a student-by-student basis. These installment plans are interest free if paid in full by the time you graduate.

Best if you want to: Pay installments and avoid interest fees.

Repayment: Down payment may be required. Payments due 15th of each month, pay in full by graduation.

Availability: Eligible for all programs.

*Terms, conditions and availability will vary based on individual application and finance terms. Full tuition discount may not be combined with limited time offers.

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