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Consultant and Service Delivery Lead at Reveal Risk

“I like to be the best I can be. I grew up around tech. My entire life I wanted to be in tech.” While Michael initially wanted to get into IT, he discovered cybersecurity during his time in the Marine Corps and took it further by taking courses at Eleven Fifty. “I’d say some of the advantages of Eleven Fifty as your jump point into tech are the curriculum. You have structure and a group of like-minded individuals driving to the same end result.The teamwork and collaboration all around you are extremely encouraging.”

Technology Support Specialist at Pacers Sports & Entertainment

“I wanted more for myself and my family, but I also wanted to love what I do everyday.” Marina had already spent four years in college, so chose Eleven FIfty’s bootcamp option to further her learning. Her hard work has paid off as she now finds herself “happily working for the Pacers in the technology department.” She encourages others to shut off the negative thoughts to “be bold enough to make a change in your life that will benefit you in the long run.”

Director, Web Content Design + Operations at CrowdStrike

“Tech has always been a part of my life. Once I figured out I could make a career of it, there was no other option. I had to pursue it. I knew of Eleven Fifty. I had worked with someone who had come out of the program and I saw what it had done for their career. Eleven Fifty was exactly what I needed.”

Software Developer at Market Wagon

Daniel came to Eleven Fifty because he wanted to make a career change from his job as a news media photographer. Learning to code was exciting to him because there is a new challenge to tackle every day. Fun fact? Daniel landed his job before graduating from coding bootcamp. Watch the video to learn more about his experience at Eleven Fifty and how he transformed his career path in just 90 days.

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Following hundreds of hours immersed in code, our bootcamp students move on to a variety of positions in the tech world, many with the help of our Career Services team. Some of our grads join large tech companies, others join innovative startups, and a few even find a new path into entrepreneurship.

Eleven Fifty Academy coding class student came out from the campus
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