Do You Have a Desire To Learn Something New, but Your Piggy Bank Says No?

Do You Have a Desire To Learn Something New, but Your Piggy Bank Says No?

July 11, 2022

Do you have a desire to learn something new, but your piggy bank says no?

Maybe you are unable to pay for school, or like many folks, you simply do not want to plunk down cold, hard cash.You could search for online colleges with free tuition, free online courses, free tuition at a local school, or see if you qualify for help through military service, a church or other group affiliation- or even if your current employer might be willing to fund your further studies through tuition reimbursement. Fully funded programs for job training are available for people who wish to enter certain professions, with the most common ones being healthcare, construction, logistics, and tech. All of these are growing fields where the demand for skilled workers is far greater than the supply, and as a result many states have grant programs to develop talent. Grants are extremely popular: in the 2020-2021 school year, college students nationwide received $138.6 billion in grant money (Source: College Board - Trends in Student Aid).

Options for Hoosiers

For example, in the state of Indiana there is the Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant. As part of this program, potential students can get a grant for studying with qualified and vetted employment trainers such as Eleven Fifty Academy. For qualified individuals this grant could cover the entire cost of a full or part-time CompTia A+ certification program.Grants aren't one-size-fits-all, and they do require some effort and have certain qualifications to be eligible. The Workforce Ready Grant, for example, is a one-time grant for Indiana residents with a high school diploma but less than a college degree. Funding also varies from region to region and there are citizenship requirements. If all that sounds confusing, contacting someone on our Admissions Team will quickly get answers to your questions (seriously... they're impressively knowledgeable with this stuff)!If you aren't grant-eligible, don't lose hope. Accelerate Indiana is a new state-funded program to help Indiana residents fast-track their careers through a rapidly paced training program for high-wage, in-demand jobs (such as those in tech.)This innovative funding program uniquely available to Hoosiers provides tuition assistance with no interest or fees. You only payback once you have a high-paying job. If you've already used the Workforce Ready Grant and wish to continue further education, you are still eligible to apply for Accelerate Indiana.

Eleven Fifty Academy's unique qualifications

Eleven Fifty Academy is the first in Indiana (and one of the few in the United States) recognized as a Registered Software Development Apprenticeship program. We're also regularly on Course Report's Top Coding Bootcamp list. Through funding from the State of Indiana, it's possible for Hoosiers to earn in-demand CompTIA certifications such as CompTIA A+ Certification and CompTIA Security+ Certification in our Cybersecurity Pathway with no money out-of-pocket. These job certifications, along with class instruction that includes training on our cyberbit range, are golden tickets into cybersecurity positions. That same funding can also be applied toward education via our Coding Pathway, where, starting in Coding Foundations, you can earn an industry-recognized CIW certification for Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist. In six months or less your financial position can be on a rapid upward trajectory.Don't let the prospect of student loan debt stand in the way of your dreams. Go to school with free tuition.

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