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Can Anyone Learn to Code?

October 21, 2021

When you hear “computer programmer,” it's likely that a certain image pops into your head: Young, male, and awkwardly nerdy. It’s no wonder why that would be; from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, we’ve seen generations of coding wonderkids in Silicon Valley transform our lives with their creations while also shaping our perception of programmers. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a computer science-loving, hoodie-wearing twenty-something or an awkward kid working out of your dad’s garage to make it in the field. Programmers of all genders and ages make up the tech field—including people exactly like you.

Can I learn to code with no experience?

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or hoping to make a mid-career leap, we firmly believe anyone can learn to code through a coding school.Characteristically, we’ve found that passionate, positive, and creative people make great programmers. People who work in the technology industry would also usually say that they love learning—after all, technology is always improving and systems and languages are constantly changing. Programmers are also persistent and are determined problem solvers who are patient and able to tackle debugging from time-to-time.All that said, the best coding students don’t dive in head first without a solid understanding of their own goals. Our Career Services team advises potential students to self-assess to make sure they’re considering the tech industry for the right reasons. They’re here to help you learn about your desired career path, help you prepare for coursework and answer any questions you have about the process. It’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself and have reasonable goals throughout the program. Any questions you have prior to enrolling will be best talked through with our team. They want you to learn the fundamentals and succeed!

How long does it take to learn a coding language?

Coding bootcamps are designed to be immersive and accessible for beginner students looking to advance their knowledge of coding or switch careers. Online coding bootcamps are available, as well as in-person course instruction.Full-time students can enroll in bootcamps that last 12- to 14-weeks. Part-time students are enrolled in programs that last 26 weeks. In six months or less, you can learn the fundamentals including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ruby, jQuery, and SQL, all while enhancing your problem-solving skills and gaining a new understanding of data algorithms and data structure. Obtaining new skills is paramount to changing your career or justifying a promotion, and if you start by learning a new coding language, you’ll be on the path to success.

What coding language should I learn first?

Python is favored as the first programming language for new coders. While there are many programming languages you may want to learn over the course of your training to enhance your eligibility for different career paths, it’s simple to learn this syntax as a building block.Learning programming skills isn’t linear, and many different career tracks benefit from specialized coding skills in different languages. The Career Services team will be able to help you get on track with understanding which languages and tutorials are most beneficial if you want to start coding.Other common languages you may want to pursue include:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • Swift
  • PHP
  • Scala
  • Ruby on Rails

What are jobs for coders?

Coding bootcamps offer students hands-on experience and transferable skills for a number of jobs in the tech industry:

  • Web Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • DevOps Engineer

How much do coding jobs pay?

There are benefits to bootcamps, and the ability to swiftly apply newfound skills to high paying jobs in computer programming is at the forefront. Average salaries for bootcamp graduates may vary by startup and experience—not to mention geography—but Eleven Fifty graduates have been known to average base salaries exceeding $75,000:

Coding Bootcamps at Eleven Fifty Academy

If you’re ready to give coding a try, we’re here to help! Get started today by contacting the Career Services team so they can learn more about your goals in coding, your current skill set, and help you get more information on programming languages and bootcamps that’ll help you meet your expectations. Remember: Learning code isn’t something that new coders can do overnight, but it isn’t linear, either. If you start with the right coding languages and get a basic understanding of how to approach writing code, we’ll help guide you towards your new career and get the skills you need to succeed. Reach out to one of our advisors to learn more about Eleven Fifty Academy.

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