Creative Coding Opportunities: 5 Jobs To Consider

Creative Coding Opportunities: 5 Jobs To Consider

July 14, 2020

When you think of coding, what comes to mind? Do you picture someone glued to the computer staring at numbers and symbols? Well, think again. The coding world isn’t always what it seems. And not all coding careers created equal.

Coding requires a great deal of critical and logical thinking and even creativity! In fact, creativity may be one of the most critical characteristics for a coder to possess. With tech-related jobs being among the most in demand and lucrative, you could consider coding to be one of the most important job skills of the future.

Think you may like a career in coding, but aren’t quite sure what exciting opportunities await? We’re here to help. Below are some creative coding jobs that will have you using both sides of your brain!

User Experience Designer

What is user experience, or UX for short? It’s all about how an end-user interacts and feels while maneuvering the interface of an app or website. You’re sure to flex your creative muscle as you navigate the creation of an incredible end product. This computer coding job requires logic and an eye for detail. UX combines aspects such as psychology, technology, business, and market research, with a touch of artistic design. Whether it’s implementing a button on a webpage, tracking the results of that button, or something a little more daring, the goal is to craft a memorable, actionable, and appealing experience, all while keeping things simple for the user. 

Web Developer

Everything that lives on the web was put there by someone. Web developers are those people! Using code to bring web designs to life, web developers are master problem solvers, piecing together complicated design demands like a puzzle. As a web developer, you work closely with a web designer, turning static or flat designs into a working website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. This coding job is a hot one, boasting a top tech job ranking and a projected growth rate much higher than the national average. Better bring your creativity to the table—it’s up to you to find the right layout and style for success!


Game Developer

Who says your job can’t be fun? For those who want a little play in their day, a career as a game developer may be the perfect fit! All those mobile and console games are developed by coders, who often do much more than code. In some instances, coders find themselves creating graphics, writing storylines, and designing the entire game experience. This creative coding job comes with a lot of freedom and flexibility as you use your imagination, ingenuity, and coding intelligence to make the game your own. 

Graphics Animator

We’re all drawn to what moves. There’s no denying it—when you visit a website or see a social post with animation, those motion graphics always get the best of you. Eye-catching, interactive, and engaging, a lot of creativity and coding goes into their creation. Graphics animators use their coding logic and cleverness to make images, icons, and infographics pop off the screen. Whether you design the graphic yourself or just give it movement, you will be in charge of adding appeal, emotion, and a little energy to the project. With more and more motion graphics being integrated into all technology, this computer coding job is gaining some major traction!


What’s one of the best ways to combine your coding and creativity for a fun and promising future? Becoming an entrepreneur in the tech arena. The possibilities are endless for becoming your own boss and landing it big. As an entrepreneur, you can create an app, start your own web development company, or even become a freelance coder. In fact, the majority of the best jobs in technology require coding skills! With the right abilities, some grit, determination, and originality, you can pave your own path and follow your passion. 

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