How Do I Get a Job Working From Home?

How Do I Get a Job Working From Home?

May 31, 2022

The way we work has shifted

Before the pandemic upended work life, there was a stigma attached to the idea of working from home. Companies that advertised  "work from home jobs" might have had questionable legitimacy, or offered low-paying phone answering gigs. Sure, it might have sounded really nice to avoid a commute and make the same salary without leaving your house. But we all believed that no highly skilled people were actually sitting at a dining room table as their makeshift desk, doing valuable, well-paying work.  That all changed in 2020. Not only did it become necessary to work at home, but industries that might have been strict about face time were forced to let go of the notion that you had to show up in an office to actually do work. And that brings us to now.  

Everyone loves WFH life

Throughout the pandemic, people in the workforce learned that it is possible - and maybe even desirable - to work in the same job roles without leaving their house. Remote work saved people an average of 40 minutes a day of commute time.  With that kind of time saved, it's no surprise that productivity increased since March 2020, compared to March and April in 2019, before the pandemic forced many into remote work.  Employees are enjoying it too - about 76% of them prefer to work from home, according to a Pew research study. In fact, today many companies who announce back-to-the-office mandatory policies are even facing negative publicity and notable resignations. Recruiters on LinkedIn often post about how mandatory return to office policies make their jobs easier as workers who wish to remain at home simply switch to companies that are more flexible.

What are the best jobs where working from home is the norm?

If you're one of the thousands who has considered leaving an office job for the WFH life, you can find opportunities in a broad range of industries. But for the best work from home jobs, when it comes to salary and job opportunities, the industry to target is tech. The tech industry is the #1 industry offering a plethora of high-paying jobs where working from home - either all or part of the time - is the norm. In 2021 there were over a million tech positions posted that offered a WFH option, a 77% increase in remote jobs over the prior year. Not only do many tech jobs not require being in an office, but there are many job openings overall, and a shortage of tech talent. In the US, jobs in the tech sector increased by 80,000 positions in 2021. The work from home jobs are out there. So, how will you get one? If you're not from a computer science background, is there opportunity for you in the remote tech job market?

Skilling up

Thanks to non-traditional paths to learn new skills, especially bootcamps like Eleven Fifty Academy, you don't need to have studied computer science or engineering, or even have a college degree to qualify for a work from home tech job. You simply have to acquire the skills and knowledge that tech companies are looking for, and we provide the path to do that. People from manufacturing, food service management, and the military have all successfully found great jobs in tech after completing our bootcamp. In addition, there's no age barrier. Whether you've graduated from high school, or are looking for a second career later in life, age isn't a factor.  

Committing to learning

The tech career path is wide open to anyone, but that does not mean it's easy. Learning tech skills takes commitment and determination. Like mastering anything completely new, it takes hard work and requires perseverance. Many students have decided to upskill in tech while working in their current job, and that requires many hours of study at night and on weekends. But Eleven Fifty Academy recognizes that students have different schedule needs, so we offer full-time and part-time courses of study. If you have the desire, our bootcamp lays out the path so it is possible to gain skills for a great remote tech job.

Deciding your path

There are bootcamps out there for all types of tech skills, and Eleven Fifty Academy offers two different pathways in the most sought-after tech sectors: coding and cybersecurity. Coding will give you the foundations to become qualified for a software development job. As you might have heard, software development jobs are in huge demand, and there is a talent deficit in meeting that demand. This means many more roles are open than candidates who are qualified. Recent surveys showed over 1 million unfilled roles in software, and that is expected to increase with the growing need for software developers. The future job outlook is also excellent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 22% growth is predicted in software development positions over the current decade. That means if you're qualified, there are plenty of jobs available. Eleven Fifty Academy also offers a cybersecurity path, so students gain certifications that cybersecurity firms look for to fill open roles. With the increase in data breaches, and most companies' infrastructure being networked, this is a field that is highly in demand for talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of cybersecurity jobs is slated to grow 33% by 2029.  

The post-bootcamp job search

After bootcamp, you're armed with new skills for a tech job, so the search begins. Everyone knows that job searching can be a job in itself. So we support students fully in this phase. Our bootcamp focuses not only on tech skills and education, but also gives job-seeking tools to help you network and interview. We have a career services team dedicated to helping students make the transition. We invite industry experts to give talks, so you get the inside scoop on what tech companies are looking for in employees, and which companies have the best remote work culture. We host networking opportunities for students to meet people working in tech, at companies they may want to consider. And we can help you position yourself for a great role, even if you're lacking experience. Eleven Fifty Academy truly offers support from all angles to help students attain a tech job after bootcamp.  

Yes, you can get a job working from home

If you want a work from home job, it is possible thanks to an exploding tech industry and a new acceptance of remote working. No matter where you're starting, if you make the commitment to learn coding or cybersecurity skills, you'll be set for a job in an in-demand sector, and be able to work remotely. What's the first step? Check out Eleven Fifty's live free courses to get a taste of how our bootcamp works and see how this path can be a fit for you.

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