How To Know if a Bootcamp Is a Sure Investment of My Time and Money

How To Know if a Bootcamp Is a Sure Investment of My Time and Money

June 13, 2022

If you're itching for a change in your career, something new to learn, or a fresh direction entirely, you're not alone. Things changed for everyone with the arrival of a global pandemic, and for employers and workers alike, massive changes are underway in the job market. For many, this might mean exploring a path in technology - an exciting, important, and lucrative industry, but you need the right skills to enter. The shift to this field might very well be worth it, but figuring out where to start, who to trust, and where to invest your money is an understandably steep undertaking.Eleven Fifty Academy wants to alter the trajectory of your career. A non-profit institution, we are dedicated to bridging the tech talent gap by providing courses and intensive bootcamps to Hoosiers ready for a serious and positive change in their professional lives. But between the time, money, and commitment needed to learn something new, we hear you: a coding bootcamp isn't for everyone. But it might be for you. If you're on the fence about committing to a course, here's why a bootcamp with Eleven Fifty Academy is a good investment:

There has never been a better time to make a serious career change

A record 11.5 million job openings went live in March of this year, and in that same month, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs or started new positions. But one number remained steady: the number of new hires - 6.7 million. This means that there aren't enough workers to fill open positions, leaving employers hungry for talent. This trend in the market points to a significant win for workers: sky-rocketing wages. Employers are under pressure to win over potential teammates, and they're going straight for the paycheck. This doesn't only apply to seasoned talent - employers are so eager to hire that competition amongst candidates has never been lower. At this point, a background in tech is not even remotely required - in fact, a diverse professional background is a great way to stand out. No matter how old you are, what you've been up to or your level of education, there is a role for you in the technology industry. For newcomers, now is your chance. Employers are excited to hire you, and all you need to get started is certification, eagerness to get going, and a strong grasp of the holistic skills Eleven Fifty Academy is dedicated to cultivating.

Joining the tech industry is a sound financial investment

It goes without saying that we live in a digital age, and the impact of technology on our lives is growing exponentially. This means that the workforce that drives technology is growing exponentially, too - and that workforce isn't going anywhere. A 1.8 trillion dollar industry, tech jobs and economic output make up 9% of the U.S. economy. And, of course, the workers in this industry benefit from this heavily. According to The Computing Technology Industry Association, the median tech occupation wage is 125% higher than the median national wage in the U.S. Plus, the projected growth rate for tech jobs over the next decade is nearly twice the national jobs rate.The job market is becoming more and more technology oriented, and put simply, workers will either join this industry now, or later. Its influence is inevitable, and those who join sooner rather than later will get a head start in this booming field.

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit organization with student-first values

There's lots of talk about what the tech talent gap looks like and why it exists, but few tangible steps are in place to welcome new people into the industry. Eleven Fifty Academy is here to help, but it's not here for profit. Created to strengthen the community and transform individual lives, we bring critical education to those who might not have previously felt welcomed in higher education or high-end industries. With experienced staff who are eager to work with people from all backgrounds, our nonprofit organization aims to serve a diverse pool of students in their pursuit of a higher purpose.More than just supplying coding and cybersecurity knowledge, Eleven Fifty Academy:

  • Helps students discover their individual passions and purpose through 1:1 mentorship from day one
  • Aids the development of teamwork skills through ongoing collaborative group projects
  • Fosters a holistic education by focusing on communication, time management, problem solving, and positive thinking
  • Promotes flexible and solutions-oriented thinkers ready to adapt to the industry's changes
  • Teaches indispensable networking skills to ensure long-term success

In a significantly shorter amount of time than any college program, Eleven Fifty Academy produces more than just coders, we help create software experts who are team players, strong communicators, and top tier employees - skills that are valuable in any job market. The alumni pool speaks for itself; Eleven Fifty Academy boasts a 91% graduation rate, a 75% job placement rate and an average starting salary of $54,000. Unlike its profit-oriented competitors, we are dedicated to crafting a not-for-profit, student-first experience that radically transforms the lives of participants.

Why Eleven Fifty Academy

In just a few short years, we have:

  • Placed 1,000 program participants in the central Indiana tech workforce
  • Become the first in Indiana to be recognized as a Registered Software Development Apprenticeship program (and one of the few programs in the country with the title)
  • Been selected by Course Report as a Top Coding Bootcamp multiple years in a row

Put simply, Eleven Fifty Academy is different from other coding academies. The number of qualified graduates being placed in the tech pipeline grows every year, and with a focus on adaptation, flexibility, and individualization, our success – and yours – is nothing short of sustainable. We know that everyone's path into this industry is different. If you're ready to change your career, upskill your talent, or start something totally new, we are eager to meet you where you are to make this exciting transition as beneficial as possible.

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