How To Transition To a High-Paying Job

How To Transition To a High-Paying Job

May 24, 2022

If you've been thinking about a career pivot, know you're not alone. In March 2022, a record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Regardless of employer or job satisfaction, the accelerated rise of home and transportation expenses has many individuals exploring solutions to increase their income.But where do you begin? While you are thinking about what career you want to move to, what can you do right now this very minute to get started?

Build Your Network

Let people know you are in the market and actively looking. Have you signed up for a LinkedIn account but never took the time to fill out your profile and connect with current and former coworkers? If so, you're missing out on the power of networking in the 21st century. LinkedIn can be a lifeline by connecting you with recruiters and employers needing your exact skillset.  And now with remote work more popular than ever, you're no longer bound to jobs in your immediate area. With gas prices at record levels, a short - or no - commute keeps that cash in your pocket. Learn more about building a network.

Perfect Your Resume

Making sure your resume is up to date is extremely important.  Have you recently learned a new skill? Taken on additional work at your current job? Volunteered in a leadership role in your local community? All of these experiences can greatly improve your resume and chance of securing the initial interview. Double-check that your contact info is current and accurate so employers can actually reach you. And even if you aren't applying for a job that involves writing, making sure your grammar and spelling are correct will show potential employers that you are careful with your work, not sloppy and in a hurry. Have a friend look at it to catch any typos that may have been missed. Spellcheck will not save you. A second set of human eyes is always a safe bet. Also, try online sources such as  You now have the resume, drive, and enthusiasm. Next is supplementing with new hard-skills training to help you stand out in the crowd.

Explore a New Skill

During the height of the pandemic, many people of all ages  took the opportunity to learn a new craft or investigate a passion they had neglected for years. Some enrolled in online cooking lessons, learned how to dance on TikTok, or invested in refining skills in the booming tech industry. Yes, you could pivot into becoming a master chef or a TikTok superstar, but those paths take either time, or luck - or both. While a traditional 2- or 4-year school is always a viable option, most career changers are successful with faster-paced, guided education.If you're interested in the lucrative world of computer coding or cybersecurity, consider launching your new career with a tech bootcamp at Eleven Fifty Academy.  As demand for tech workers increases, the average entry level salary has jumped. The average starting salary for 2021 Eleven Fifty Academy coding graduates was $54,700. And for cybersecurity grads it was $53,800. That buys a lot of groceries.Not sure if computer coding or cybersecurity is right for you? No worries. You can simply take one of the FREE coding or cybersecurity courses offered.  You'll learn introductory knowledge of the industry and be able to ask questions with our admissions coaches. Think about it. In as little as 6 months or less, you could acquire the knowledge and expertise to springboard your career into the exciting and financially rewarding world of tech. Once you complete immersive bootcamp courses with Eleven Fifty Academy, you can add coveted coding or cybersecurity certifications to your profile, such as CIW certifications, CompTIA Network+, Security+, and get career help from our Career Services Team.  You'll easily be able to explore and connect with other people who have completed tech courses at Eleven Fifty Academy via groups on LinkedIn and our Atlas program, which provides continuing education, skills practice, and a support community.  They could be the pivotal connection that gives a hiring manager or recruiter a recommendation to bring you on the team.

Life in the Fast Lane

The beauty of tech is that it's ever evolving.  What coders and cybersecurity professionals learned 10 years ago is much different from today's evolutions in technology.  You get the latest knowledge in a bootcamp, and you get it fast. If you already have some computer knowledge, you can skill up and gain industry-recognized certifications. If you're new, you can get up to speed quickly. Tech moves fast, and you probably want to move fast right now too... sounds like a good fit.Making the transition to a high-paying job that will transform your life through financial freedom might seem impossible.  "If I can't afford gas and groceries, how in the heck can I pay for training?" you might be asking. As a non-profit tech bootcamp, Eleven Fifty is dedicated to transforming lives. A quick chat with someone in admissions will answer all your concerns. You're not alone in wanting to move on toward a better life.   In just a few weeks or months, with money in your pocket and less financial stress, your life can be more fulfilling and rewarding.

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