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Train on Indiana’s First Cyber Range!

October 9, 2020

Maybe it was a careless visit to a link in an email. Maybe an innocent click on a suspicious website. Or maybe it was a sophisticated hacker finding your company’s deepest vulnerabilities. No matter how it happens, cyber security threats grow by the day. The Herjavec Group declared cyber security one of today’s greatest threats to the global population, costing the world trillions of dollars--more than natural disasters. That’s why Eleven Fifty Academy is proud to be at the forefront of cyber security education in Indiana, opening the state’s first Cyber Range to train sophisticated cyber security professionals using a world-class simulation system. A Cyber Range is one of the best ways to train cyber security professionals to address the threats they’ll see on a day-to-day basis. The Range is a virtual vulnerable environment that students work together to protect. Individuals are placed on teams of 6-8 people to identify, stop, and mitigate attacks as they come during simulations. The Eleven Fifty Cyber Range features one of the world’s leading cyber security training platforms used by companies and organizations like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Deloitte, and the Australian Government Department of Defense. In addition, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) standards guide the curriculum and create a robust experience.

14 Different Attack Scenarios

Cyber security students can expect to be fully-immersed in real-world simulations thanks to 14 different attack and vulnerability scenarios, tackling threats in the heat of the moment. These scenarios represent the most common cyber security breaches, including:

  • Web Defacement: An attack that changes the visual appearance of a website.
  • Java NMS Shutdown: An attack that creates a massive denial of service.
  • Ransomware: An attack that blocks access while demanding money to fix it.
  • WPAD Man-in-the-Middle: A discrete interception of data from one victim to a third party.
  • Trojan Share Privilege Escalation: A hacker attack that grants them unauthorized access to a server.

“The Elven Fifty Cyber Range has all of the same makeup of most corporate environments,” said Teddy Guzek, Eleven Fifty Academy’s Director of Cyber Security. A cyber security veteran who led a team at a Chicago consulting firm, Guzek notes that the immersive approach gives students an extra edge through more hands-on training than the average entry-level cyber security professional.

Protect Your Organization

It’s estimated that a cybercrime happens every 14 seconds, with that number expected to drop to 11 seconds by 2021. Don’t let your company be part of the statistics. The best way to combat cyber security is to have team members trained and ready to enter the cyber battlefield—or to become that team member yourself. Want opportunities for your employees to train in a cutting-edge cyber security environment? This fall, we’re hosting two Cyber Security Skill-Ups to bring together professionals for a full week of Cyber Range training. Want to launch your cyber security career? Sign up today to connect with our admissions team and learn more about the Cyber Security program we offer!

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