Digital Literacy 101 (Crawfordsville)

Discover Digital Literacy

Dive into the digital world with our "Digital Literacy 101" course, designed specifically for beginners. This course is your first step towards becoming proficient with technology, covering the essentials of computer basics, online safety, effective online communication, and creating digital content. Whether you've had minimal exposure to computers or want to refresh your digital skills, this course provides a supportive, engaging environment to get you started. Learn how to navigate the internet with confidence, protect yourself online, and express yourself digitally. Join us to bridge the digital divide and open doors to new personal and professional opportunities.

Location: Fusion 54
Date: June 10- July 24 every Monday and Wednesday (*No classes week of July 4th)
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost: FREE
Dinner: Included

Who Should Attend?

  1. Digital Novices: Individuals with minimal or no prior experience using computers and the internet will find this course to be an essential starting point for building their digital skills.
  2. Job Seekers/ Changers: For those entering the job market or seeking new opportunities, this course can help improve employability by equipping them with the digital skills required in most professional settings.
  3. Parents and Guardians: Individuals responsible for guiding children in the digital age will gain insights into online safety, helping them to better monitor and protect their family's digital presence.
  4. Small Business Owners or their staff: Entrepreneurs who want to establish or improve their online presence, from managing a website to engaging with customers on social media, will find valuable resources in this course.
  5. Educators and Trainers: Teachers looking to incorporate more digital tools into their teaching or who want to better understand the digital environments their students navigate can also benefit.
  6. Lifelong Learners: Anyone with a curiosity about the digital world and a desire to engage more effectively online, whether for personal growth or to explore new hobbies.

This course offers a foundational understanding of digital technology, empowering participants to navigate the online world safely and confidently. It's an invitation to anyone looking to bridge the gap in their digital knowledge and unlock a realm of new opportunities, both personally and professionally.

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