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Are you ready to transform your future?

High demand. High salary potential.

Demand for coders is at an all time high. Recruiters can’t find enough people to fill positions. Plus, starting salaries and growth potential exceed many traditional fields.

Challenging, yes. Impossible, no.

You may be wondering if learning to code is too difficult. The quick answer is no, but it does take dedication! You don’t need any coding experience to attend. With a little determination and a lot of hard work, launching the career of your dreams is easier than you think.

Employers are looking for people like you.

If you’re a curious learner, good problem solver, and aren’t afraid to make mistakes, you’re already one step ahead. Attend our FREE Intro To Coding Course to see if coding is the right career path for you!

In response to COVID-19 and reducing the risk of attendee exposure to the virus, we will be hosting all FREE into courses virtually until further notice. We will send participants a link to the livestream before the class begins.

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What You’ll Need

Skills: This free course is designed for anyone looking to learn more about coding. If you can work a computer mouse or laptop track pad, you’ll be good to go.

Hardware: Your personal laptop with WiFi capabilities.

Software: The latest version of Google Chrome.

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Free Intro To Coding Course
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