Introduction to Applied Al for Marketing Workshop

Introduction to Applied Al for Marketing Workshop – $499, 4 hours

Date: TBD
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Online | In Person at 3777 Priority Way S Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Cost: $499

Consider how much time and resources you spend on:

  • Reviewing volumes of data to enhance your understanding of customer buying behaviors
  • Defining segmentation strategies
  • Identifying keywords and designing an effective SEO strategy
  • Creating and optimizing content for social media and blog posts
  • Creating custom videos
  • Testing landing pages
  • Scheduling social shares
  • Reviewing analytics

Now imagine if artificial intelligence allowed you to accomplish all of those activities in a fraction of the time and maximize the effects of your marketing strategy.

How valuable would it be to create a blueprint for using artificial intelligence in your marketing and business?

Eleven Fifty Academy’s Introduction to Applied Al for Marketing Workshop is an interactive event for marketers that will accelerate your understanding and adoption of AI and engage you in the process of applying specific AI strategies and tools to improve the productivity, efficiency, and efficacy of your marketing tactics.

Workshop Outcomes

After completing the Introduction to Applied Al for Marketing Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your customer understanding by utilizing AI to analyze large volumes of customer data in real-time 
  • Use the 5P's of marketing AI framework to plan, produce, promote, personalize, and perform like never before
  • Maximize the potential to target your marketing to the right audience  
  • Develop enhanced customer segmentation models using AI tools 
  • Improve your efforts to generate segment-specific content such as blogs, white papers, email campaigns and social media posts/ads  
  • Understand how AI tools can assist you in delivering personalized customer experiences at scale 
  • Practice utilizing various AI tools in the workshop to execute specific marketing tasks

Intro to Applied AI for Marketing Workshop Registration - $499

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