Prompt Engineering for Executives Workshop
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April 10, 2024
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Online

In just two hours, this workshop offers business leaders a deep dive into the world of AI, with a specific focus on mastering ChatGPT. It's designed to seamlessly blend theory with hands-on practice, enabling executives to integrate AI into their business strategies effectively.

Equip leaders with the skills to leverage and guide advanced AI technologies for strategic business advantage. This workshop demystifies AI concepts, enhances prompt engineering skills, and fosters ethical AI use, ensuring leaders are poised for innovative decision-making and problem-solving.

Key OutcomesAI Capabilities and Limitations
Understand the full scope of what AI can achieve, including a walkthrough of ChatGPT's latest features.

Advanced 'Shotting' Techniques: Master prompt crafting to produce precise AI outputs, from single-shot to multi-shot responses.
Shot Learning Skills: Learn to feed external data into ChatGPT for tailored, context-aware solutions.
Strategic Application: Apply AI for practical business challenges, from marketing strategies to corporate culture development.
Orchestration with Intent: Lead AI utilization with a strategic and ethical approach, balancing technology with human insight.

• Individual Virtual Seat: $250
• Virtual Group (up to 10): $1,500
• On-site Group: Starting at $2,500

Invest in this workshop to stay ahead in AI technology application, ensuring your team's preparedness for AI-driven business strategies.

*This workshop is presented by Indiana Wesleyan University's Accelerator program, also known as Eleven Fifty Academy.

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