5 Technologies Powered by Microsoft .NET

5 Technologies Powered by Microsoft .NET

December 15, 2020

Though it’s almost twenty years old, Microsoft .NET hasn’t stopped evolving to support software developers across the world. So, what is a .NET core used for? On one hand, it’s used for creating server-side applications to help Windows, Linux, and Mac devices access the web. And on the flip side, the .NET framework gives developers a flexible environment to develop both desktop and web applications. 

To help potential coders and aspiring programmers better understand what they can build with Microsoft .NET, we’ve compiled a list of 5 popular programs and technologies powered by the Microsoft .NET framework and the languages within it:


Twilio is a platform in and of itself, meant to help software developers, marketers, customer service teams, and other professionals communicate. Users can make and receive phone calls, text messages, and other communications through virtual solutions. The service relies on different application programming interfaces (APIs) to take these communications to the cloud, including leveraging .NET core and the .NET framework to help their customers succeed.


Starting out as a senior design project for a college class, Paint.net has turned into a popular and powerful image and photo editing software application. It was originally intended to replace Microsoft Paint, but it’s grown into something more like a free alternative to Photoshop. The tool is updated and maintained by both its original creators and Microsoft. It was built using the .NET Framework and continues to remain popular after many decades of use. 


Unity is a real-time game development platform delivering entertainment across over 25 platforms and technologies. From Xbox and Playstation to PC and mobile, this platform delivers games and applications for companies as large as Coca-Cola, Disney, NASA, and LEGO. While the actual application uses a language similar to JavaScript, it’s powered by C#, which puts it in the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Adobe Flash (which runs the Flash Player you’ve probably been avoiding upgrading) is used for websites, web applications, desktop applications, and video games, but it’s actually built in FlashDevelop. This is a free and open source code editor to help developers work faster and smarter with project compilation, templates, debugging, and more. FlashDevelop is written in C# and can be improved and optimized by any coder familiar with Microsoft .NET.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is used to develop websites, web applications, services, and even mobile applications. Visual Studio has built in tools like debuggers for designers and database schema designers. Not only can you use the Microsoft .NET Framework in Visual Studio, but Visual Studio is built with .NET. The program achieves many innovations using programs like Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store, and Microsoft Silverlight.

Learn Microsoft .NET with Eleven Fifty Academy

The programs and technologies listed above are a small handful of the websites, applications, and software powered by Microsoft .NET. And they provide great examples of the opportunities and software development jobs available for professionals and visionaries in today’s technical world. 

At Eleven Fifty Academy, our software development program immerses students in the .NET framework, learning to code things like user interfaces, establish network connections, and create web applications. 

Whether you’re dreaming of working on enterprise level software or building your own app, we’re here to help you learn the skills you need to start your journey and advance your career. We invite you to take a free Introduction to Coding course to learn more about the journey to becoming a coder and how Eleven Fifty can help. Or reach out to our admissions team to ask specific questions and get enrolled in our coding bootcamp.

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