Frequently Asked Questions About Vets in Tech

Frequently Asked Questions About Vets in Tech

June 29, 2021

Many questions may arise when considering a transition into a career in tech after military service. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help answer some of the burning questions you may have about tech bootcamps and Eleven Fifty Academy.

Is the program just for transitioning service members or does Eleven Fifty Academy help retired vets? 

At Eleven Fifty Academy, our programs are for both transitioning, active service, and retired vets. If you’ve transitioned out a while ago, we still encourage you to reach out to us. Our organization accepts GI Bill® benefits, and soon we’re currently working on getting approval for VET TEC. We also have multiple other forms of funding available. 

Who are the boot camps made for? 

Eleven Fifty Academy’s boot camps are made for everyone. We have both full-time and part-time courses. A third of our students come with a high school diploma, a third comes with some college, and a third comes with a completed associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. Those with a bachelor’s degree prime themselves for a mid- to senior-level position. Those that come with little to no experience prepare for an entry- to mid-level position. However, once a student enters our courses, there is very little advantage to those who have a degree. Everyone has to work together, solve challenges, and learn the most current industry knowledge. 

Is Eleven Fifty Academy  VET TEC approved?

Eleven Fifty Academy is not currently approved for VET TEC but we’re hoping to finalize that in 2021

What are the GI Bill® benefits at Eleven Fifty Academy?

Members from all branches of the military who meet the GI Bill® requirements are eligible for funding at Eleven Fifty Academy. See the courses that are covered under GI Bill® benefits here. 

Are there other grants available?

Eleven Fifty Academy recognizes the GI Bill® and we’re working on VET TEC. We also have other grants available. Our partnership for Indiana Women in Tech is a $5,000 PISA that any woman in Indiana can apply for. Eleven Fifty also has a Progressive Income Sharing Agreement (PISA) from the state of Indiana. When it’s available, students from Indiana can apply to borrow up to $10,000 with 0% interest and 0% APR. When they graduate and land a high-paying job, they pay back with 5% of their monthly income. Find more information here.

What industries are hiring for data scientists? 

Data analysts and the collection of data are becoming increasingly valuable. Every industry we’re working with is looking to hire a data scientist—from manufacturing and healthcare to small businesses. Nonprofits and higher education are two industries where data analysts are currently in high demand.

For someone interested in data analysis, what program would be the best fit? 

Eleven Fifty Academy is currently working on a data analytics program, but it’s not fully completed yet. We’re looking to have a data analytics program online within the next three to six months. Web Development would be a great starting point for someone who wants to get into data analytics. 

Is it possible to get into an Eleven Fifty Academy course with poor math skills?

Yes, it is. Anything is possible with the grit, determination, and desire to go into a given field. Find self-guided courses or other ways to freshen up your math skills. We know we’re not the best fit for everyone. If we don’t have the right course for you, we are interested in having a conversation with anyone and get them pointed in the best direction possible. 

Does the cybersecurity program include certifications? 

Eleven Fifty Academy’s cybersecurity curriculum includes training with the end goal of passing industry recognized certifications. Our program includes the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications. In addition, Eleven Fifty offers an A+ Certification program, and post graduation Linux training. Those certifications are covered under the tuition and students get two attempts to pass the test. Currently, Eleven Fifty has an approximately 90% pass rate. 

What companies does Eleven Fifty work with who recruit cybersecurity graduates? 

Eleven Fifty Academy is working with Indiana, the surrounding states, and 220+ employers who are recruiting our cybersecurity and coding graduates. 

What program would be best for someone with a background in HR?

Web development or UX/UI design could be a great cap for someone with background experience in HR. Get connected to our admissions team members to talk about your interests and path, here.

When are the start dates for cohorts and courses?

Eleven Fifty Academy has a new cohort every one to two months. 

What are the sizes of cohorts?

The cybersecurity cohorts range from 26-28 students. Cohorts for web or software development range from 30-35 students, with additional sections added occasionally. 

What program would be best for someone with a top-secret security clearance?

Cybersecurity would probably be a good option for someone with a top-secret security clearance. We work with a lot of companies that are looking for those types of hires. An individual’s interests and goals are also a huge factor. Schedule to talk to an admissions representative, here.

Can people without any IT experience join?

Yes, they can. A lack of prior IT experience shouldn’t be a deterrent to apply and join our programs. About a third to a half of our students come to us with no tech background. 

Can someone go through the cybersecurity program to get the certifications when they already have a bachelor's or master's degree?

Eleven Fifty Academy’s cybersecurity program is based on three badges. If you already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, students might be able to skip the first badge and come in for the last two badges to get geared up and then take the certification within two to three weeks. 

Click here to find out more about the Hiring Our Heroes career resource. 

All roads lead to admissions, schedule an appointment to talk with an Eleven Fifty Academy admissions representative, here.

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