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How Code Camp Benefits The Corporate World

February 20, 2020

Elevating your business doesn’t just happen by hiring a new employee or offering a new service to clients. It happens by training your team, keeping them engaged, and making sure they have the most relevant skills for their work and interests. Partnering with a code camp like Eleven Fifty leads to more productive, versatile employees with modern skills designed to benefit them and also the companies they work for. Curious as to how code camps benefit employees and the organizations they work for? Below are four prime examples of how attending a coding program can elevate your business:

Code camp helps keep employees engaged in their careers.

Everyone wants competent, dedicated, hard-working employees. You want new hires to fit in with your company culture, work hard, bring new ideas to the job, and successfully accomplish their work. However, after time, employees sometimes become complacent. They find their work routine and stop pushing themselves. One way to keep them engaged is by refreshing their skills. With a course at a code camp, employees can rediscover their passion for their work, which results in a happier, more engaged employee.

Help employees learn new skills to keep them sharp and competitive.

When it comes to sending employees to a code camp it isn’t just about the company benefiting. It’s also about the employee benefiting. For example, you might not want to send your top salesperson to a deep-dive course in JavaScript. You would, however, want to send someone from your operations team to an Agile development course because learning the Agile development method could lead them to improving your internal processes.

Employees with diverse skills act as a Swiss army knife employee.

Hiring a new employee is expensive and, often, risky. However, you can mitigate that risk and lower your overhead costs by training one of your current employees rather than hiring a brand new employee. For example, if you have the need to add a developer or programmer to your staff, you could send an employee interested in technology to a code camp to learn the skills. The cost of tuition would be a fraction of the cost hiring a new employee is and you help keep your current employees engaged and excited about their work. Whether it’s a full-blown coding program or a more specific coding course, your employee will start learning the skills you need and the skill they want to possess.

Add new skills to your workforce, which can boost revenue-generating activities.

Sending your employees to a code camp has the potential to boost your revenue-generating activities exponentially. How? The more skills you add to your team, the more opportunities you create. Whether employees are learning to be more productive through Agile practices or they’re learning brand new skills, the ROI of code camp will start revealing itself quickly. As mentioned in the above section, adding a new employee is costly and risky even if they do have the potential to help you generate more revenue. How long will it take them to actually start doing that? It could take months if not a year or more. Training up your current team will help you see the ROI so much quicker than hiring a new employee.Are you ready to help your employees and your business? At Eleven Fifty Academy, we partner with employers to help train their employees in the most relevant, in-demand skills. Through our immersive SmartStart coding programs, students experience 12 weeks of hands-on coding. Our workshop and exploratory courses are ½ day, 1 day and 2 day courses in specific skills designed to help enhance an employee’s skills. Contact us today to get started.

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