How To Translate Your Military Background Into a Role in Cybersecurity

How To Translate Your Military Background Into a Role in Cybersecurity

April 22, 2021

For military veterans, finding the right career path after leaving active duty may seem challenging. While many veterans leave the army with an array of skills, the intensity of military service sometimes doesn’t translate to the real world. IT training programs for veterans are one of the best entry points back into civilian life, helping those who are transitioning out of the army do so with confidence. 

Training for a cybersecurity career is a wonderful trajectory for many veterans. Many of the skills are similar, from detecting possible threats to acting quickly and calmly under pressure. Cybersecurity professionals are experts at fighting cybercrime, and a military background is perfect for someone in this role. 

While you might not be dealing with matters that threaten national security, you will be helping either the private sector, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies keep their information safe from cyber attacks.

What Certifications Will the VA Pay For?

Veterans are eligible to receive between $13,500 and $18,000 to attend either one of the coding bootcamps or the full-time cybersecurity bootcamp. Upon graduation, the VA will cover up to $2,000 worth of testing fees as you obtain the necessary certifications to join the cybersecurity workforce.

To determine eligibility for the GI Bill®, visit the website to find out how your military service will translate into educational benefits to become a cybersecurity professional.

How Can I Get Free Tech Training as a Veteran?

Obtaining free tech training is easier than you may think. At Eleven Fifty Academy, we offer free cybersecurity training classes that will help you understand what a full bootcamp would look like at our academy. In the free online training, you’ll learn how to apply, what to expect in the course, and how your Gi Bill® will help you pay for it.

We offer cybersecurity bootcamps throughout the year online for veterans. Through the cybersecurity bootcamp, students learn real-world skills by spending time in the cyber range, which is an excellent training ground for cybercrime monitoring and detection.

Eleven Fifty Academy offers part- and full-time bootcamp options to former service members interested in cybersecurity certifications. Beyond cybersecurity, Eleven Fifty offers courses in other IT certification training for veterans such as software development and web development.

What Are the Best Entry-Level Cyber Security Jobs?

After learning to become a cybersecurity professional at Eleven Fifty Academy, our career services team will help land you in an entry-level cybersecurity position. 

Common entry-level employment opportunities include:

  • Security analyst
  • Incident responder
  • Cyber network defender
  • Cryptologic linguist
  • Information technology specialist.

If you want to enter a growing career field with plenty of potential for advancement, learning cybersecurity skills will set you up for a promising future after returning to civilian life. 

By attending a cybersecurity bootcamp and taking the skills you learned in your military experience such as problem-solving, you’ll fit seamlessly into a role in fighting cybercrime. A cybersecurity degree is just the beginning. The cybersecurity industry is rapidly expanding with new jobs being created every year. 

We believe a cybersecurity education will set you up for one of the best tech jobs for veterans, and we’ll help you prepare for a rewarding and lucrative career in the civilian workforce. 

As of October 16, 2012, ‘‘GI Bill’’ is a federallyregistered trademark owned by VA. The mark consists of standard characterswithout claim to any particular font, style, size, or color.

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