How Women Thrive at Eleven Fifty Academy

How Women Thrive at Eleven Fifty Academy

March 6, 2020

It’s no secret that tech is traditionally dominated by men...but that doesn’t mean women aren’t thriving in this sector. At Eleven Fifty Academy we’ve been lucky to welcome countless smart, talented women into our cohorts and seen them flourish both inside and outside the classroom. That’s why we’re always quick to encourage even more women to transition into this rewarding sector.

Why do we need more women in tech?

Around 11% of tech company leaders are women, and in Indiana, only 32.8% of the tech workforce is female (which is only .8% better than the national average). But the data consistently shows that women are an asset in tech and business in general.A McKinsey study found that companies with more female leaders and fewer gender gaps overall financially perform better. In addition, female leaders in tech--especially the information technology field--are consistently ranked as more effective than their male counterparts. Overall, companies with more women are smarter!

Women in the Eleven Fifty Academy classroom

Approximately 25% of EFA students are women, and that number continues to grow.Our female students thrive in the classroom and are frequently highly-engaged, dedicated members of their cohorts. They also bring rich backgrounds to the table, including everything from mechanical engineering to teaching to working in higher education administration. Some have traditional 4-year degrees in other fields; others entered the workforce right after high school. No matter their background, women can find their place at Eleven Fifty and succeed.

Scholarship support for female students

In addition to our traditional financial aid opportunities, our female students are frequently backed by Indy Women in Tech (iWIT). Eleven Fifty is proud to be one of iWIT’s three education partners, which means their Education and Training programming regularly provides scholarships to Eleven Fifty students to support their cohort experience.To date, over 60 Eleven Fifty students have received the iWIT scholarship, with amounts ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. We’re proud to have so many wonderful scholars supported by this organization dedicated to helping women transition into and thrive in tech!

Post-bootcamp success

We’re also proud to count women among some of the most successful Eleven Fifty graduates! In addition to thriving in the classroom, these graduates aced the post-bootcamp job search to land positions at several of Indiana’s most coveted work places. "When I started bootcamp at Eleven Fifty, I assumed that because I was female, I would be in the minority. However, half of our class was women which is exciting because I thought there would only be a few of us!I would say my experience at Eleven Fifty was absolutely amazing. I felt empowered, that's for sure! Especially when we would have our Indy Women in Tech meetings.This bootcamp helped me in so many ways. I entered into this program knowing absolutely nothing about code and also as someone who wanted a career change.I am now at a job I absolutely love. I am a Junior Web Developer at KSM Consulting and my journey here has been incredible. I love the challenges I face, my co-workers, the culture of the company, everything! I am not the only female developer either....which makes it even more exciting that more and more women are joining the tech industry." — Katie Ayers, Junior Web Developer, KSMCHere’s just a sample of some of the companies who hired the women of Eleven Fifty in 2019:

  • Deloitte/TCC (Asia Shorter)
  • ClusterTruck (Callie Riggs)
  • Lev (Carrie Lord)
  • DeveloperTown (Ellie Hong)
  • LK Marketing (Tracy Smart)
  • High Alpha (Autumn Henderson)
  • IU Foundation (Kellie Allen)
  • Ion Three (Becky Mantlo)
  • Ivy Tech (Desiree Chon)
  • Kerauno (Lisa Kilgore)
  • KSM Consulting (Kaitlyn Ayres, Iesha Duff, Maddie Ijams)
  • Brite Systems (Kristen Stokes)
  • Appirio (Lydia Moody)
  • SitRep (Michelle Vann)
  • Elanco (Tracey Sullivan)
  • Newcore Technology (Lauren Kucera)
  • 80/20 Inc (Aurelia Carlin)
  • TCC (Emiliya Akmayevap)
  • Leonard McDowell (Katlyn Stagner)
  • Workday Integrations (Abby Lewis)
  • PERQ (Jessica Brandt)
  • Herff Jones (Kristen Casselman)
  • Luther Consulting (Angie Creed)
  • Weaver Fundraising (Allison Summers)
  • Tonic Ideas (Allison Walker)

Congratulations to all these talented graduates! Want to see your name on the list? Explore opportunities with Eleven Fifty Academy, including our free Intro to Coding and Intro to Cybersecurity courses.

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