John Harden, Principal Software Engineer

EFA Grads Make Great Employees

August 20, 2019

Below is a transcript taken from an interview. You can see the full video on our YouTube channel.

John Harden, Principal Software Engineer:  

Kerauno is a quickly growing company and with that comes a lot of job roles and a lot of job diversity in what we need. We need senior talent just as much as we need junior talent and the Eleven Fifty Academy model was a group we could work with to help tell them what curriculum we need here at our company; they’re an academy that we felt comfortable hiring talent directly from.

The pipeline that these schools are providing to the Indy community help combat some of the challenges that we've got, like the brain drain and like the talent gap. If you're not an organization that's considering an academy like this, you really should as an augment to your current pipeline.  

The students that are coming out of there are fresh in their careers but they're motivated and they're driven to learn, and when we put those with really talented individuals it's a huge opportunity not only for the students but for the organization itself.

Lisa Kilgore, Junior Application Developer, Kerauno:

My name is Lisa Kilgore and my title is junior application developer. The veterinary field is very emotionally draining you see a lot of happiness but you also see a lot of sadness and so I think some of the sadness was starting to wear on me. I was a contract employee for a huge Fortune 500 company; the more I worked with the developers and the more I wish I knew how to write the code myself. I heard about Eleven Fifty Academy and I was ready for a new challenge I wanted to learn more and grow. I think Eleven Fifty reignited my desire to really learn something new that was completely different from what I had been doing for so many years. I learned very quickly even on that very first day how much I could do in this role. Obviously as a developer I have a ton to learn, but I also know that I'm capable of doing it because I was able to learn so much in 12 weeks. One of the things I love most about Kerauno is how much they're growing. They're really interested in developing our skillset and working with developers and continuing learning. I know that the opportunities I have will be endless.

Maureen Bosshardt, Software Engineer, Kerauno:

My name is Maureen Bosshardt. I'm a software engineer at Kerauno. I started here back in April of 2017 straight out of Eleven Fifty. Everyone at Kerauno has the dedication and the work ethic and the love for everybody that they work with. You don't always find that in a company, and not just the engineers but everybody on staff.  

This allows you to get in and get out and learn the skill and start working quicker and become an asset to the companies a lot quicker as well.

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